“Why Will My Air Conditioner Not Turn On?”

Yes, in Florida it seems the heat is never-ending. Seeing 90+ Degree temperatures consistently for pretty much nine months out of the year. For some with a limping system that still cools just enough, it has kept those dreaded thoughts about potential A/C problems at bay. If you find yourself starting up your A/C unit for the first time this season and it seems that your unit has died since last fall here are a few simple things that could be the cause of that issue and a few tips to keeping your unit running for the longest time possible.
You don’t realize how important your HVAC system is until it does not work. It is vital to a business or home’s indoor comfort. It is inevitable if you own an HVAC system that eventually it will need an upgrade or maintenance. The modern-day AC system is designed to last 10-20 years. Even the best manufacturers in the world still have issues from time to time. You just got to remember these systems are constantly running and keeping your home or workplace comfortable and humidity-free. That being said six to eight years down the road after running consistently season after season it is expected for issues to pop up, especially after an A/C unit has been shut down and not running all winter each season. The biggest tip to prevent any issues from occurring from the source is by providing regular maintenance to the unit. If you are not able to conduct this maintenance on your own it is highly recommended to hire a company to handle it for you. It’s key to remember the best way to prevent issues is simply just to make sure this happens. It is just like an oil change on the car you drive every day.

Common Issues & causes with Air Conditioner’s

Tripped Breaker- The first thing to troubleshoot and the simplest issue to fix when determining a system that may have issues starting up is to simply check your breaker box and make sure a breaker somehow did not get tripped over time. This is a very common thing to happen in any home.

Drain Shut Off- When your system was installed most company’s offer some type of “drain pan emergency shut off switch”. This is an electronic trigger that is supposed to cut your unit off if water ever starts to fill up from the unit. This saves the unit from frying itself. Like a kill switch in a boat, it can get stuck and can sometimes be the reason for a unit to not startup. So be sure to check and make sure the float did not somehow get stuck up.

Faulty Motors- Most of the time if a unit has a faulty motor it will cause the whole system to shut down. A service tech can help decide if that motor can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

Faulty Thermostats- One possibility for issues can be the fact a thermostat is faulty or has dead batteries. One simple way of determining if this could be the cause of problems is to try turning the unit on from the main unit. If it does fire up manually that means you probably have a thermostat problem. Be sure to replace backup batteries in thermostats this could also be the cause of the issue.

Dirty Filters, Evaporators, or Condenser- By far the largest cause of problems with AC units come from dirt build-up. Make sure you have your system serviced regularly to minimize these problems. You can refer to the unit manufactures filter changing schedule to maximize your unit’s health and maximize the life of that unit.

Faulty Compressor- Keeping the compressor clean can help avoid system shutdowns due to the compressor.

Shortage of Refrigerant- If a system does not have the proper amount of refrigerant it will cause a system to operate noticeably worse and shut down in some cases. You should always have a professional technician handle refrigerant issues, the level of these fluids, and the changing of it.

Wiring Issues- One of the leading causes of air conditioner breakdowns comes from problems with the wiring in your unit or the wiring that runs from your unit to an outlet. Be sure to check adjacent outlets and of course as stated earlier the breaker box. This allows you to ensure that the issue lies with the air conditioner and not in reaction to other electrical components.

Ice Buildup- If a unit’s condenser coils or any other part of the unit starts to build up ice the unit will not cool correctly and very possibly will not run.

Need a Quick and Simple Fix?

After troubleshooting these possible fixes to your problem if you still cannot seem to resolve the problem we can help! At this point, you are at a crossroad of repairing the unit or replacing the unit (remember any unit over 12 years of age should probably be replaced with a more efficient up-to-date 410a system.) Isolating and solving AC issues promptly especially if your problem takes place during those super-hot summer months or during our short winter is very important to YOU. Therefore, at Browning Heating and Air, it is our #1 priority to provide you with multiple replacement options to fit a range of wants & needs at unmatched prices & speeds! Schedule your free in-home measure today so we can have your equipment going in tomorrow to solve your urgent heating and cooling needs!

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