Why Does My Thermostat Have a Blank Screen in Alachua, FL?

Seeing the information on your thermostat’s screen suddenly vanish will likely surprise you and leave you wondering what to do. As aggravating as this situation can be, the first step to resolving it is to understand why it happened. Homeowners in Alachua, FL may want to learn about three likely reasons why their thermostats now have blank screens.

Dead Batteries

Let’s get the simplest possible explanation out of the way first. Your thermostat’s screen may have gone blank simply because the batteries in the device have run out of juice. In that case, just replace the batteries.

Tripped Circuit Breaker or Safety Switch

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to prevent excessive power from passing through your electrical wiring and frying the devices in your home. However, various things can trigger an overreaction and cause the breaker to sever all electrical connections. If your HVAC system is too large for your home or your breaker is excessively sensitive, this might happen.

The same is true concerning the various safety switches that come with your HVAC system. If your thermostat and HVAC system take power from the same source, triggering any of these things will cause the screen to turn blank.

In this situation, you’ll need a trained technician to examine your HVAC system, its wiring and other internal workings to find out why these switches are activating. The technician should then be able to fix the problem in the form of maintenance or repairs.

A Bad Thermostat

Lastly, your thermostat may, itself, have gone bad. For example, some of its internal components may have broken; its wiring may have frayed; or it may simply be too old to continue functioning reliably, which is likely to be the case if it’s been around for more than about 10 years.

A blank thermostat screen may be troublesome, but there’s no need to worry too much about it. Our team working near Alachua, FL would be glad to help you. Just call Browning Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, and schedule professional HVAC services.

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