The Best Indoor Air Solutions APCO-X

With 2020 being one of the most interesting and strange years we have seen when it comes to human health on a national level. Considering options to help protect you and your family are things we highly consider from an air quality stand point. We speed the majority of our times at home during normal life. However during the COVID-19 crisis many people are not even leaving or are not allowed to the safety of their homes period. At Browning Heating and Air we believe we have found one of the best solutions to ensure healthy air quality.

Introducing Fresh-Aire UV’s most advanced whole-house air treatment system yet. The APCO-X is the result of ten years of APCO development. It revolutionizes indoor air quality with significantly improved performance, functionality, and reliability. These models are.

  • 33% more effective than previous model in laboratory tests
  • V-Twin element with over 65% more effective carbon surface area
  • EverCarbon™ cells with proprietary antimicrobial nanotechnology
  • 3 year UV-C lamp
  • LED status and lamp fault indicator
  • Translucent poly-carbonate housing
  • Face-plate rotates for vertical or horizontal installation

If a homeowner wants to take an even further step toward top of the line air quality. The APCO-X can be combined with the UV-C light working with proprietary EverCarbon™ cells to safely reduce odor-causing VOCs and biological contaminants.

Validated Ozone Free
If ozone is a worry, we have you covered, Fresh-Aire UV APCO is the first UV/PCO based air purification product line to achieve the UL environmental claim validation (UL-2998) which identifies air purification systems that emits zero ozone. They are then listed in the UL SPOT database of sustainable products.
The Complete IAQ Solution

APCO-X or APCO-X Dual (which includes a second UV-C light for coil disinfection) for ultimate air purification. This combination wil significantly kill and remove.

  • VOC Chemical vapors and odors
  • Mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens
  • Particulates, dust, pet dander, spores, dust mites etc.

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