Spring Is Upon Us, It is Time To Start Thinking About Your Air Conditioner

As the spring approaches it is time to start thinking AC! Most of us have had our outdoor AC condensers powered down for the winter. As the spring air starts to consume us and we start thinking about starting those units up. Here are some of the most important proactive steps the homeowner can take to maximize the life of your unit while ensuring that it is running to its fullest potential.
Change Filters- Be sure to frequently change air filters to ensure your system is doing what it is supposed to do, providing clean and comfortable air. Dust and air particles build up within a filter can lead to a unit overworking itself. Therefore, decreasing the life length of the unit and leaving you with higher utility bills. You can refer to the systems manufacturer’s filter changing schedule to maximize your unit’s health and maximize the systems life.

Clean Your AC Drain Line- Many people overlook this but it can become one of your biggest problems (especially in Florida). Just as any industrial machine does, Air Conditioners have some type of discharge as well. That just happens to end up being water. It is crucial to be sure to frequently check your AC drain line from the indoor coil going out and be sure no watery slime has built up to stop the flow of draining water. Over time dust and debris can build up in that line if it does the water can back up and end up draining inside the unit. This can cause catastrophic damage and even render your unit useless. Without proper float switches.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit- After a long winter, it is a very good idea to walk outside and do a little “spring cleaning” around your unit. Make sure no limbs fell on or around it. Make sure nothing is restricting airflow close to the unit. Clean leaves and other small pieces of nature that may have fallen inside. Let’s face it these AC units are not cheap. You keep your refrigerator nice and clean an outdoor AC unit is just as important as any home appliance. So why would you not treat it like one?

Clean Your Indoor Coil- Another key point to check before starting that system up is the indoor coil. The coil is the heart of cooling as a part of a complete gas system. With that being said it also one of the places in a system to build up dirt and debris fastest. You have to remember the coil is receiving airflow that is forced through it anytime the system is running. So obviously it is going to be a key point for buildup. Be sure to open up the coil and remove and clean any debris. Installing air purification systems such as an APCO-X can help significantly reduce particle build up on your indoor coil while cleaning air flow as is passes through the system as well.

Use Dryer at Night- Many people do not realize this but the way we dry our clothes has an impact on our AC systems. You may not realize this but as you dry your clothes it is blowing out the air of the home. This causes more air to be drawn into your home. If it is warm outside, that warm air is being sucked in therefore making the Air Conditioner work harder.

If all these steps are taken and issues are still found or it seems the unit simply will not fire up we can help! At this point, you are at a crossroad of repairing the unit or replacing the unit (remember any unit over 12 years of age should probably be replaced with a more efficient up to date 410a system.) Isolating and solving AC issues promptly especially if your problem takes place during those super-hot summer months or the frigid winter is very important to YOU. Therefore, at Browning Heating and Air, it is our #1 priority to provide you with multiple replacement options to fit a range of wants & needs at unmatched prices & speeds! Schedule your free in-home measure today!

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