HVAC during COVID-19

It seems that no matter what industry you are in around the globe COVID-19 has impacted every business and its employees in some shape or form. Some impacts have been positive for some and some very negative. For the HVAC industry at Browning Heating and Air, it has seemed to keep us busy with many people being forced to stay home, HVAC has seemed to become even more of a necessity. While this is great for us from a selling standpoint. There are some significant issues to consider as a homeowner with an older system or a system on its last legs. That issue being equipment stock. With the spread of COVID-19 in America, it has affected multiple supply plants. Some companies have had to shut down for multiple weeks even. As of today, Goodman’s equipment is pretty much unobtainable for the moment. What this causes is a chain reaction of stock issues. While other companies like American Standard and Trane stay working 3 shifts daily 24 hours a day. The lack of equipment in other brands has lead contractors to look at other brands that they might not typically sell and install. With all that being said and the perfect combination of the dead of summer, this caused significantly longer lead times on equipment. As we move forward into the cooler seasons we can only guess as to what the future holds. With Flu season approaching we can only pray that things in America stay somewhat normal in the coming months. With that being said it is highly recommended that if you have any doubts about the age and reliability in your heating venting and air systems, then get a proposal on a new system and get the ball moving to replace it. We just simply do not know what the future holds and you do not want to have a broken system and have to wait weeks or even months to have it replaced.

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