How to Reduce in Home Allergies

If you have ever experienced what it is like to suffer from any type of allergen you know the value of doing your best to prevent them. The main cause of allergies in Florida is from pollen being released by local trees, grasses, and weeds. With the start of our wet season, this causes those pollen “pops” then spring winds tend to spread pollen like wildfire. Unfortunately, the only way to get away from this pollen outside this time of the year is to go to a different climate or wear a face mask. However when it comes to preventing how bad potential pollen reactions are within your own home, some steps can be taken to keep you feeling the best possible. It is evadible that some amounts of pollen will find its way into your home. On top of that within the home you are always potentially vulnerable to indoor allergies like dust mites and mold. Here are a few tips to follow all year that will have you feeling better and more comfortable in your home year around.

  • Have the ductwork serviced. Be sure none of your existing ductwork has any leaks. Having leaks can potentially allow allergens to get recirculated within the whole home as soon as the blower kicks on. This also is a waste of efficiency if any leaks exist it just like throwing money away. Having a duct cleaning performed every few years is a good idea as well. Optimizing the lifetime of your ductwork while also allowing a professional to take a look at your duct work every couple years.
  • Purify the homes air supply. A normal HVAC system is designed to collect and trap larger particles that could potentially cause harm to the system. To really effectively eliminate pollen and other allergens you can have an air purification system installed into your HVAC system. You can add things like high-efficiency 5-inch media filters to help trap significantly more particles than a typical filter. The option of adding a UV air scrubber light will clean the air before it is sent throughout the home is a really good option to consider as well.
  • Vacuum frequently and keep a clean home. Depending on how clean each homeowner keeps their homes can have a huge impact on allergies and the overall total lifetime of your HVAC system. Be sure to wipe down surfaces throughout the house frequently. Also being sure that supply and return vents are clean and dust free is very important. It is a good idea to simply take off the registers and vacuum the inside out every few months.
  • Have an HVAC maintenance plan. Making sure your HVAC system is professionally maintained is a huge factor in the longevity of the life of that system. Think about it like the oil in your car. If you do not properly maintain that car it will not last nearly as long as a car with proper service. Your HVAC system is no different. Having the maintenance also allows important components like the blower, evaporator coil, air handler, and condensate drain line is clean from any potential allergy-causing particles.

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