Ductless Mini Splits

Understanding The Options

Thanks to technology the way heating and air conditioning can be provided has changed significantly. Giving many more options for many situations we now face in the modern building industry. Originating in Europe but now becoming a huge deal in the United States in recent years is the ductless mini split. A ductless mini split typically is made from an outdoor unit condenser then connects to an indoor wall mounted unit.

Now, certain brands even offer multiple types of indoor air handlers like ceiling recessed indoor units, floor mounted indoor units and even a ducted air handler that will hook up to the entire system for certain situations. These condensing units offer a variety of options as well, offering systems that are designed to control and power one head or units can be purchased the supply multiple heads from one condensing unit. Mini split systems are perfect for small additions to homes, sun-rooms, workshops, virtually any conditioned space where ductwork is not easily accessed. Also, if you rely on base bored heating or window AC units mini splits may be the thing for you. Another huge advantage to ductless systems are that they are super-efficient. A normal ducted systems efficiency start at a national standard of 14 SEER if you were to look at the highest end of a ducted system you will find is 21 SEER. When it comes to the starting base for a split system typically starts around 18 SEER ranging all the way to 30.5 SEER in certain situations.

In the average home, roughly 25 percent of energy efficiency is lost to duct work. Simply eliminating that out of the equation is one reason for this significant boost of efficiency. Mini split systems also have an inverter driven compressor, meaning it ramps up and down based on the needs of that conditioned area. One of the things that consume the most energy in an HVAC system is the startup of the compressor. Also, a mini split is great for dehumidification, in those hot, sticky summer months they do a great job keeping you comfortable. When it comes to brands there are all kinds of options but not all are created equally.

At Browning Heating and Air Conditioning, we only deal with the best hence, why we are a Mitsubishi diamond dealer. It is pretty hard to argue any other mini split brand exceeds the performance and reliability of Mitsubishi Electric products. Here at Browning, we have an extremely low amount of issues with these systems. The most important thing is obviously the installation and the condensate line install. This allows the system to drain any condensation build up while a system is running. As long as these two key things are done properly these systems seem to be virtually flawless and extremely powerful.

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