Creating the Ideal Comfort Solution

Allow me to explain the old way of heating and cooling. In past years companies were focused on changing-out boxes and providing cold or warm air. Thanks to technology, even in the last 10 years the things a heating and cooling system can do, features included, and how efficient these systems run has changed just as much as the way we “should” go about replacing older ones. At Browning Heating and Air Conditioning our goal is to customize an ideal comfort solution for each specific home and family. We feel by doing this we ensure that a healthy home environment is created, energy bills are reduced and your family is safe. This all starts with our people with high moral and ethical values, constantly striving for more training and education while being licensed and insured for your peace of mind. The value of an installation is everything because not all installations are created equally. A nationwide study was conducted collaborating with multiple large universities like Texas A&M University and power companies across the country. The findings concluded that on average 90% of systems tested featured some sort of energy and comfort wasting issue. At Browning Heating and Air Conditioning, we strive to make sure every homeowner we upgrade to a new system is in that top 10% upon completion of doing business with us. Things like duct leakage, system over-sizing, incorrect airflow, and incorrect refrigerant charge are the most common issues found. With so many companies simply looking to sell systems to people and keep it moving. Browning AC uses the issues most looked over to stand out and provide the best experience to a homeowner when purchasing a new comfort solution. Problems are not solved by equipment alone, we use things like our “air quality package” and “reliability package” to make sure the extra mile is taken to provide the best home comfort for each individual person and home situation. If a homeowner has absolutely any doubt that a system is not sized properly it is key to provide heat-load calculation providing exactly what size system is appropriate for each home. Over-sized equipment leads to higher install costs, more breakdowns, larger temperature swings, and improper humidity control. On the flip-side, under-sizing leads to systems constantly running, shorter life, higher energy bills, and reduced comfort. Taking the time to look in the attic at existing duct-work or measuring the existing indoor unit and matching it with a system that will fit and operate properly in the existing duct-work can be the difference between an amazing experience when buying a heating and cooling system or a terrible one. Many bad online reviews on heating and cooling blame brands for issues and part failures, but many of these times the brand of equipment was not the reason for a problem or premature failure. The most surefire way to avoid all these issues as a whole is to do your research on a quality company and remember the cheapest option is not typically the best option in the trades industry. If you live in the Gainesville, Florida
area give us a call today to meet with our comfort specialist and start planning your ideal comfort solution!

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