Air Conditioning Myths

 Air conditioning technology has been around for decades, with that being said many people still have a hard time determining what is true and what is not when it comes to service, maintenance, repairs, etc. As time goes on, many people have accepted some of the myths and misconceptions as facts. Today, we want to help set the records straight by eliminating some of the common myths and misconceptions you may have heard. At Browning Heating and Air we have been in the business since 2005, so trust us when we say we’ve seen a lot of misinformation in our day!

Myth 1: I Do Not Need To Pay For Yearly Maintenance

We understand that many homeowners may believe paying for yearly maintenance will result in wasted money. However, this is not the case. Yearly air conditioning maintenance is not a scam or a waste of your money. If you decide to have your air conditioner maintained consistently, you will be contributing to having an effective and efficient air conditioner.
Having your air conditioner routinely checked will help prevent the need for more costly repairs. A professional air conditioning contractor or technician will inspect all aspects of your air conditioning unit. If the air conditioning technician finds any type of issue, you should receive a report and quote to fix or replace these issues. Therefore, you can save money by paying for yearly maintenance.

Myth 2: I Can Ignore Minor AC Unit Issues

Some people believe that as long as the air conditioner turns on and works, everything is and will be fine. Some people will ignore problems as long as the issues seem minor. Some people may choose to ignore unusual sounds or smells
that will come out of the air conditioner. This can be compared to our breathing; as long as we are breathing, people will automatically assume we are fine. Unfortunately, thinking this way has numerous flaws. If you notice any type of sound, smell, and fluids that is out of the ordinary, you do not want to ignore it. In this case, you should reach out to an experienced professional to have your air conditioning checked out. If you choose to ignore any problem with the air conditioner, you could find yourself without a working air conditioner.

Myth 3: I Should Use the Lowest Setting on My AC

One of the common myths we have heard is that setting your thermostat on a low setting will cool your home faster. While this may seem like the case, it does not work this way. Your air conditioning unit will work the same way regardless if you take your thermostat down by 20 degrees or by 5 degrees. We encourage homeowners to use the thermostat setting that is needed at the time.

Myth #4: A thermostat’s location doesn’t affect the HVAC system

If the thermostat is in an area of the house that is shadier or sunnier than most of the other rooms, you’re going to experience poor heating or cooling. Avoid proximity to air vents, windows, and direct sunlight. Also, stay clear of areas with an abundance of appliances, such as the kitchen, that frequently get warm due to those appliances. Ideally, the thermostat should be on an interior wall in a room where you and your family spend the most time.

Myth #5: The bigger the air conditioner, the better it will be able to cool the house

A larger HVAC system doesn’t automatically mean more savings or more comfort. When replacing your heating or cooling system, it’s critical to make sure it is sized properly. The best HVAC system for any home is one that is specifically suited for the insulation level and type, square footage, and even the number of windows in the home. An oversized unit may heat and cool the home to your satisfaction, but will likely have recurrent on and off cycling, which can result in high humidity conditions inside the home. Other comfort problems, such as dust leaking from ductwork and poor air distribution are also apt to occur. On the other hand, an undersized unit may run longer than necessary, driving up your energy bill

Do not let common air conditioning myths and misconceptions stop you from scheduling an air conditioning tune-up. If you have any questions about your HVAC system, give Browning Heating and Air
a call! We’re more than happy to answer your questions and offer solutions if we can.

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