5 Signs that it is time to consider replacing your heating and cooling system

When it comes to replacing your home’s heating and cooling equipment, you have two options, wait until it dies or do it before. Keep in mind that if your air conditioner dies, it won’t happen when the air is cool outside. Typically when that happens many of company’s are 2-3 weeks on installation dates. It is always better to be proactive than reactive. Your best option is to get a new air conditioner before your unit fails. So how do you know when to replace it?

You don’t get the cooling you need

If, despite proper maintenance, your unit struggles to cool your home and you notice more and more “hot” spots within the home, it may be time to replace it. One of the early signs of a unit about to go out of service is a drop in performance.

It makes funny noises

An air conditioner isn’t quiet but if your unit becomes excessively loud and your neighbors start giving you dirty looks, it may be time to replace it. Moving parts wear out over time and the longer you force it to work, the closer you’ll be to the inevitable demise of your cooling system.

It uses R-22 refrigerant

R-22 is a past used refrigerant that depletes the ozone layer. It was the standard refrigerant for residential units for many years but is being phased out as part of an international agreement officially stopping production January 1st 2020. Even though you are not required to replace your unit, obtaining replacement R-22 for servicing will become more difficult as time goes on. The replacement refrigerant is R410A, it can be used in R22 units but it needs a retrofit kit. Considering the age of most R22 air conditioners, your best bet is to replace it with the environmentally friendly alternative.

Your electricity consumption rises

As your unit ages, the efficiency drops off. The first place that will feel this effect is your pocket. Your air conditioner will consume more electricity to meet your cooling demands, increasing your bill.

It’s old

After ten or fifteen years, keeping an air conditioner just doesn’t make sense. Even if you’ve managed to keep it well-maintained, the drop off in performance means you’ll be spending way more to keep your home comfortable. It might cost you up front, but upgrading to a new unit with a higher efficiency will save you in the long run especially in the Gainesville area where we deal with GRU.

If you’re seeing any of these signs that you need to replace your unit, give us a call at Browning Heating and Air we will make sure to keep you cool this summer.

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