5 Keys to Success When Choosing an HVAC Contractor

In the world of air conditioning, it can be a little overwhelming when you realize the amount of HVAC contractor options that the homeowner has these days. Many use very generic marketing tactics like the “snowflake” logos and typical slogans like “family-owned” etc. It is not hard to feel like everyone is the same. One thing guaranteed is that this is very far from the truth. No matter if you’re from the humid swamps of Gainesville, Florida, or the frigid north, here are five of the most important things that we at Browning Heating and Cooling feel should be focused on when it is time to decide on a company to work with.

• Full Master Licensed- Not everyone can just wake up one day and decide “oh I’m just going to get my contracting license”. Facts are when it comes to state licensing boards they do not play games. Obtaining a master’s license takes real experience and time in the field. On top of that, it takes a very large amount of time and effort in studying. The point of this license is to ensure to the homeowner that the equipment being bought is installed properly and safely for the long haul. –
• Clean and Professional Work- First off, you want someone in your home that cares and is going to be careful with your home and the items within it, just as if it was owned by them. The way a company cleans up after and carries themselves in your home greatly reflects the work that they are performing and the way they will treat you as a homeowner long term.
• Guaranteed Job Completion- In reality when it comes to choosing a company to perform work in your house it is not just all about the work being done. It is also about your family, home comfort is very important to any family. Choosing a company that ensures they have guaranteed completion and will care about your home comfort is another form of protecting your family.
• Company Longevity- When choosing a contractor it is crucial to guarantee that whatever company installing your new system is going to be around 10+ years from the installation. You do not want to get into a situation where a job did not get done properly and premature issues start to pop-up just a couple of years later. If the company that performed the work is no longer in business you now have no way of getting in touch with that company to fix something you put hard-earned dollars into. This forces the new homeowner to pay a different company to make repair and possibly voiding warranties.
• Experts in the Equipment Sold- Good service providers know what they are installing. You want a company that knows all the ins and outs of the brands they are dealers of. Not every brand of equipment is the same. Depending on the bands each company sells, the procedure for installation can vary. That is why most brands require a certain amount of hourly personal training from the manufacturer every year or two to keep purchasing that equipment from them. This greatly helps with quality control of installation and allows the manufactures to personally update the contractors of new technologies within the product line as well.

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