3 Practical Benefits of Improving Indoor Air Quality in Alachua, FL

During the cooler months, we spend on average 90% of our time inside our Alachua, FL homes, so it’s important that we give indoor air quality (IAQ) our utmost attention. Here are three practical benefits you’ll experience from improving your IAQ.

1. Lower Energy Bills

Efficient HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to achieve desired temperatures in your home, which means that they consume less energy. Lower energy consumption translates into lower energy bills.

To improve HVAC system efficiency and IAQ, change out your HVAC air filters at least once every three months. Change your air filters more often if you live in crowded conditions with several people and pets. Also, schedule professional maintenance on the system at least once per year.

2. Better Health

There is a robust association between low IAQ and poor respiratory health. If you live in a place that’s littered with pollutants that you must breathe in every day, you may develop allergy symptoms, such as headaches and sinus congestion. Respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer and COPD, may even eventually develop if the concentration of pollutants is high enough and you expose yourself to them for prolonged periods.

Pollen and pet dander are a couple of the most significant threats to IAQ, and they are also common triggers of allergy symptoms. Thus, if you clean up the air in your home, you’ll be more likely to avoid both seasonal allergies and respiratory ailments.

3. A More Comfortable Home

Finally, breathing fresh air simply feels invigorating. With higher IAQ, you’ll be more likely to sleep better and wake up energized in the morning. Since many airborne contaminants can also smell quite bad, removing them will make your home more inviting.

Improving your indoor air quality may seem daunting; however, professionals are standing by ready and waiting to help you. Call us at Browning Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, and ask for our indoor air quality services.

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