3 Benefits of Adding Ductless HVAC to Your Home in Gainesville, FL

A ductless heat pump provides air conditioning and heating and may be just what you need to stay warm this autumn and winter here in Gainesville, FL. Maybe you built a room addition, are building an entire home, or have an outbuilding that needs conditioned air. Ductless HVAC could benefit you by saving energy, lasting many years, and providing multi-zone cooling and heating.

1. Energy Efficiency

Ducted heat pumps can’t help but lose some of their conditioned air through the vents, but you won’t have this problem with ductless units. Rather, these units blow directly into a room, and they could keep your energy bill down as a result. Remember, though, that a single ductless air handler only has the capacity to regulate the temperature in one room or zone, not an entire house.

2. Durability

Assuming that you get professional maintenance every year for your ductless heat pump, it will last a long time, perhaps up to 20 years or more. Some units boast variable-speed operation, which means they slow down when they reach the set point and speed up when the temperature drops again. Since nothing wears down a machine more than starting it up, you can imagine how this feature will increase the system’s longevity.

3. Multi-Zone Cooling and Heating

Since you can hook up multiple air handlers to one outdoor unit, a ductless system could substitute for a central HVAC system. In such a case, you’ll love having a separate thermostat for every air handler. Your family members can set their room’s temperature however they like, and you can avoid wasting energy on unoccupied rooms.

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We’re a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, and we’ve assembled a team of NATE-certified technicians who can tackle any project, large or small. Contact Browning Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, an expert provider of ductless AC repair and installation in the Gainesville area, and we’ll discuss what ductless options are open for you and schedule you for a convenient appointment.

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